There are no requirements to leave Romania.

Travel back to Rumania is only allowed under certain entry requirements. 

Spain welcomes travellers from Romania. We want to help you make your trip to Spain comfortable, easy and safe.

Please note that passengers arriving in Spain by AIR OR SEA from this country will NOT be required to present the SpTH health control form or a COVID-19 certificate.

You must consider the restrictions of the regions (Autonomous Communities) in Spain. See restriction map in Spain.

Use of face mask

In Spain, from April 20, 2022, it is not mandatory to wear a mask outdoors or indoors, with some exceptions. You must wear a mask:

1. If you are traveling by plane, train or bus, as well as on all public passenger transport.

2. If you are traveling on ships or boats in case it is not possible to maintain a distance of 1.5 m, except in cabins, when they are shared by groups of cohabitants.

3. In health centers, services and establishments such as health care centers, hospitals or pharmacies/drugstores.

4. In social health care centers, workers and visitors in shared areas.

Social distancing

1.5 m.

Health care information

The use of RadarCovid (only in Spanish), an app for all of Spain, is recommended.

Phone number: 112.

More information here (only in Spanish).

Travel back to Romania

The COVID-19 requirements for entering the country have been removed. It is no longer necessary to present a certificate of vaccination, recovery or negative test. There is no need to fill out any form eather.

More information here (only in Spanish).

More information here (only in Romanian).

Due to the constant updating of the information regarding the restrictions and measures caused by COVID-19 contained on this website, before travelling, you must always consult the requirements and recommendations of the public bodies and competent national authorities bodies in each country. The information found on this website is not binding and has no regulatory effect. Likewise, it is based on the information gathered from the official websites of the rest of the countries, and Autonomous Communities of Spain.